3D Slot Games – A New Dimension to Casino

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3D Slot Games – A New Dimension to Casino

Slot machines have been a part exciting casino game experience for fans of the game. Presenting fun, luck and a little skill and knowledge. You can find many of these games to play today over at Wizard Slots.

3D slot games are the new generation derivatives of this excitement that exploits the development of internet technology and computer networks. What differentiates 3D slot games from traditional video poker is the level of interactive experience.

How Does It Look And How To Play It

You would find beautiful 3D graphics on 3D slots games that enhance the visual appeal and make the game experience more involved, immersive and even addictive and quite unlike the 3D version of movies that you may want to compare it to.

The use of graphics, sounds, and animations on 3D slot games is complemented by the diverse themes and designs forming the backdrop, making for an altogether more interesting online casino experience. Additionally, 3D slots games also come with interesting storylines and characters that add thrill and depth to the game and this enhanced experience encourages repeated play by users.

These 3D slot games are only as difficult to play as the normal slot games except that they have a few added features. For instance, 3D slot games come with more free spins and multipliers, expanding wilds, scatters, stacked symbols, pick-and-win bonus games and other features that increase the benefits and the fun element without making it more difficult.

Playing Experience

While it is nice to read about 3D slot games, experiencing it is another. Not to despair, since there are many ways to the 3D slot games online for free.

Websites that offer online slot game (2D) also offer 3D slot games free while there are some casino sites that provide 3D slot machine games that you can play with very low minimum bets. Some of them offer bonuses and promotions such as free money for playing 3D slot games. You might want to try out casino platforms that offer no deposit’ bonuses, to get a feel of the game for free.

You may perhaps want to try out 3D slot games and you can use the Internet to find popular online casinos that offer 3D slots. You can search for Marvel Slots, Good Girl or Bad Girl, Robin Hood, Orc vs. Elf apart from many other popular slot games.


Development and Potential

Game developers have been attracted to the vast potential of 3D slot games and developed or innovated such games for different operating systems and mobile devices such as iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and so on. Seeing the interest and potential for 3D slot games many online casino sites have adopted 3D graphics in their games to pave the way for 3D casino games.

3D technology enables slot developers to provide players with lots of high-quality gambling products and despite lower return, the slots can be really engaging as there are many options you can use to increase profits. The newer 3D slots offer features such multiple payment options, the gamble option, the games with second-screen, and progressive jackpots making them quite attractive.

The future

3D slots are entertaining and provide an enthralling experience that gets people hooked on to it. We can expect the popularity to grow since slot machines enable them to control the gaming action themselves, without the uncomfortable presence of a dealer or other people around. Experience it to enjoy it.


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Casinos are a eulogy to the lavishness and grandeur that reflects the lifestyle of men living in cities like Las Vegas. A visit to one of the Casinos in Las Vegas welcomes you to a different world filled in mysteries and wrapped in secrets that remain hidden. However, one cannot underestimate the role of these places in our society. They could either form the bedrock for escaping from our painful realities or become the prison we need to desperately escape from.

Casinos, betting, and online slots have become trademarks of our civilization. They stand as a reminder of man’s hunger and thirst for thrill, excitement and fun as he waits on that day Tyche (goddess of luck) kisses him with good luck.

Nevertheless, a Casino is a fortress of many secrets, cheat codes and maneuver. This has given rise to a lot of conspiracy theories as people try to understand what really happens behind the scenes.

In addition, several questions are left unanswered by many who do not really understand the inner workings of Casinos.

When some manage to win big, one question remains stuck in their minds: do casinos track my payout?


Most definitely, Casinos track all your payouts to the last dollar. Betting, Casinos and online slots are all business models and their major aim is to maximize their ability to make profits while cutting down on their loses. If you hit a jackpot, security at that casino will have to put you on the watch list and track your payout. They take a full review of your data on their database then they proceed to track every dime.


Casinos give so many reasons to justify tracking your payout. Chief amongst these reasons is that they want to be sure you are not cheating them. They run a review of your activities in the Casino and compare your data on their database. One to make sure you don’t have a history of cheating and two to vet your winnings.


Now that we know for certain that Casinos track our payouts, a question remains unanswered by us. How exactly do casinos track our payout?

Casinos track your payout by tracking the chip rack which they regularly keep counts on. They meet with the dealers and enquire on how much you walked into the table with, cross-check how much you walked out with and then compare with their chip rack which keeps these accurate records. — check out the beginner’s guide.

In some Casinos, the dealers just register your cards in and monitor everything on a monitor that stands close to them. In addition, most casinos employ a different strategy in tracking your payout. When you sit down, the person working at the pit will call out your figures as soon as the dealer hands your chip over to you. Then he can compare that figure with the amount he logged in earlier before you started playing.

Another technique involves people working at the pit and another girl who monitors your figures on a computer. They (pit guys) copy your card number and amount of your bets and pass it over to the girl. That way they can understand what you came in with and track your payouts.…

Just Won in a Casino? Here Is What You Should Avoid

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Just Won in a Casino? Here Is What You Should Avoid

When you play the most exciting online casino games, the temptation to win is irresistible. If done correctly, it can be much more rewarding than going to a restaurant or a nightclub. No matter which game you prefer, there will always be some winning streaks. And don’t be fooled by the old adage `the house always wins’. Here is what you should avoid when you win in an online casino. Read on and learn more.

Changing the odds to catch up after a win

There’s nothing more frustrating than making a big win only to lose all the money in one game. A general rule of thumb is to divide your money into small parts and only commit a small percentage to place your bets. Once you use the right money management playing online slots will be much more fun. Needless to say, you should never assume you’ll get the perfect result- anything can happen.

Playing the wrong poker games

Don’t let the excitement of the winnings make you play the wrong games. If you don’t know the rules, you should avoid playing it. Even if you’re playing poker, you should always assume you’re going to lose. There’s nothing wrong with hoping to win but this doesn’t happen all the time. It’s unfortunate that most beginners tend to forget this rule. You’ll online slots more if you know the games.

Playing online casino while intoxicated

It’s okay to enjoy one or two drinks, but it’s important that you don’t drink too much when placing your bets. Ideally, drinking may affect your judgment when playing poker so you don’t want to get reckless. For beginners, it’s important you spend much of your attention on the game. It’s worth mentioning that you should avoid anything that may distract you.

Gambling your wins when tired

The worst time to gamble your wins on online slots is when you’re tired. Obviously, you’re not thinking straight. While it may sound innocuous and nerdy, this is a good way of managing your wins. Of course, the online casino profits when you’re tired.

Ignoring your strategy

When it comes to online slots, there’s someone smarter than you. For novice players, making the first win can be overwhelming. You may feel like a guru and start making ill-timed decisions which can be catastrophic in the long-run. Not to mention, you could lose all your money when playing online slots within minutes. To ensure you stay in the game for longer while maximizing the chances of winning, you should follow your strategy religiously. This is a common mistake to poker players who let emotions take control of their decisions. Believe it or not, you’ll shrink your bankroll quicker.

Do Casino check your payout? Find out here.

Chasing a loss

Let’s assume you’ve made a big win and then you decided to plow back some of your profits. Unfortunately, you lose the first game. The worst mistake you can make when playing poker is to increase your stakes to recover the money you’ve lost. Chasing losses could lead to other losses and you end up spending all the money from your previous winnings. To be on the safe side, accept your loss and wait for the next perfect opportunity.

Final thoughts

While most beginners may be overwhelmed after making a big win in the casino, it’s important that they keep their emotions in check. When you follow the above tips, you’ll find that your casino wins will be much more exhilarating.…

5 Things That Gambling Winners Should Not Be Investing/Buying

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5 Things That Gambling Winners Should Not Be Investing/Buying

It is definitely an exhilarating moment when you finally beat the house and emerge from the casino with your windfall. There are so many things you have always desired to do and this is the moment to live your dream.

As much as you are raring to go splurge, it will pay to hold back and contemplate on the way forward. The old adage easy come, easy go’ still holds true, so try to read online slots reviews, avoid these bad options when deciding how to spend your new wealth.

Doing Vanity Purchases now that you won the Online Slots

With the new money, we suddenly get to realize the many items of splendor and glory that are beckoning at us to buy them. The easiest way to get into a whirlpool of spending is when we let our vanity instincts direct us.

Getting yourself a fancy boat may seem a good idea at the moment, but soon you will be wanting to show it off by holding expensive parties and cruises that means you’ll be paying to entertain droves of people you don’t even like. That fancy car is already half its value in cost once it leaves the showroom, and while it will excite you for a few weeks, it will have made a considerable dent in your account.

Winning at the roulette can now afford you high maintenance Items

A big mansion certainly looks like a credible investment, especially when you don’t have to worry about utilities and maintenance costs. Properties even if fully purchased outright can be a big drain when it comes to everyday costs.

There are costs for the basic utilities like water, gas, and electricity which will be in direct proportion to the size of the property. Other costs like insurance, land rates, security, and maintenance will still need to be catered for, every time. It’s a good idea to avoid this.

Buying Golden Poker Sets and Gambling Accessories

Now that you feel like the superhero of the roulette table you will need the kit and accessories to complete your image!

The hype can easily get to your head and get you on a buying spree of gambling toys from golden Poker sets, home gaming items, and casino memorabilia. You will be on a slippery slope to a fantasy world that will soon deplete your wealth.

Parties at the Casino

It is very exciting to have the opportunity to spend some wealth on friends and new-found fans! The problem is when you become the host of extravagant parties that involve alcohol and decadence.

Situations tend to deteriorate from fun to bad to worse very fast, and of course, you will be left having to pay for damages and legal costs, way above your initial intended spend. The best people to spend your money on is your family, treat them to some good time when things are up for you, they will remember it if you ever find yourself down.

Cruise and Vacations

This is not the time to take that long desired cruise around the world! Though you may not realize it at the moment, it is critical that you remain literally grounded if you desire to make your wealth last a long time.

There will always be a time for such extravagant affairs. There are many ways to blow off some steam and get that adrenaline rush going without costing a fortune; you can try bungee jumping or sky diving among others.


Many winners soon find themselves separated from their wealth, whether you win at the casino or online slots remember to keep a clear head and always know there will always be rainy days ahead.…

Poker Players Avoid Poker Mistakes

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Poker Players Avoid Poker Mistakes

We admire the poker players who managed to reach the top by winning all the tournaments in which they participate. We may be wondering how they acquired their skills and knowledge, each of us starting here as a beginner.

Being in hollywood slots online poker player requires knowledge and knowledge about the game. Poker is an interesting game, one of the most popular online casinos. It’s a game that requires strategy, techniques and good decision-making. But if you are new to poker, you are subject to many mistakes. Some play for hours without realizing that they are making the same old mistakes again. Poker players need to learn how to handle this situation and convince them to make a success of their next poker

Here are the mistakes of most poker players that you should avoid:

Avoid too many hands

One of the most common mistakes in poker is the starting hand. Some play badly when they play too many hands whereas they should only play with hands that go well. In poker, it’s good to be selective when choosing quality hands. Seeing a player put money in the pot to see each flop is a very common mistake and his expert opponents can take advantage of this situation. Of course, you can sometimes hit the ladder or at home, however, the most likely is that your stack or bankroll steadily decreases until you stay with a minimum of earnings when you reach a big hand.

Copy the movements of other players.

This happens mainly to beginners. Without thinking twice, they copy the movements of other players or the strategy. Remember that you do not know what this movement is or the strategy behind it. You did not even know under what circumstances they realized this movement. Do not rush and copy other poker moves without thinking. In poker, players who learn and plan their moves carefully have a better chance of winning. You must find your own style of play that goes with your skills and knowledge.

Fear of big bets

Since you start playing poker with other poker professionals with an aggressive move. Poker is about the action and if you’re afraid of making big calls, you’ll never make money playing the game. You always have to bet with money you can lose and do not have afraid to lose everything with one hand at the poker table.

Too obvious bluff

Poker players make mistakes that bluff more than they should. However, bluffing is a great way to force your opponent to retire and take the pot. Its use very often in your game burns your credibility. With this type of strategy, make sure you have a strong hand and always reevaluate your movements to avoid the risk of your chips.

Poker games are both fun and potentially profitable. When playing the game, a player must understand the basic odds and ideas behind the game. When a player avoids making rookie mistakes, he is likely to win when playing at a poker table.…

Beginners Guide TO Gambling

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Beginners Guide TO Gambling

Gambling is a game of chance you can win or not but that’s how it really works, it is nerve-wracking and exciting. In gambling, your money can be doubled or even tripled as long as you know how to play with it. As a beginner, you must remember luck is the best weapon in winning. As they say, gambling is easy money so enjoy and have fun. For example, famous people like Doc Holiday who plays poker for 36 hours straight because of the thrill of winning that keeps him keep going on and on.

A online slots for real money is a place for gamblers. You will see people bet money for the games they play with, so as a beginner choose the game that interest you, you may research or ask someone how to play with it. As you continue playing you will learn how to play with it well. The excitement of winning is really evident when you gamble, and first time to win the bet is a good feeling and you will bet for more. Like the famous fictional character like James Bond who plays baccarat and always wins against its villains, because gambling is conquering. So conquer the world of gambling and have easy money while enjoying. Want to gamble in the convenience of your home? Try online casino.

What is Online Casino?

Through the newest trends because of technology, the casino also goes with the changes. There are gamblers who practically gamble on their home using their internet connection with a laptop, personal computers, tablets, and even cellular phones. That is now the newest trend in gambling and that is an online casino. It is a virtual replica of the traditional games in the casino. You can enjoy the games like, blackjack, fruit machines, slot machines, video poker and many more. It is like playing a game with your android phones but the difference is you bet to win money. Gamblers choose online casino because they said it has higher payback percentages. It is good games for beginners because there are instructions on how to play each game. You will have an opponent who is also online. They will bet against you, just like in a real casino. Like any other games, gambling is entertaining and exciting especially for beginners like you. In online casino luck is not the only factor to win, good strategies and getting the opportunities will lead you to success. The money will just come and come to your side. So you must play well.

How to pay in an online casino?

Online casino required you to deposit money first before playing because you are playing online you cannot hold the money literally. You cannot also play without money. In this kind of game, there are lots of payment options, you can use bank transfers, credit cards, and thru PayPal money transfer as well. You don’t have to worry about your winnings because it can go straight to any of your accounts even PayPal. It will be easier for you to withdraw and enjoy your money.

Read the Guide about the things Poker player should avoid!

Whatever casino you choose it’s either online or traditional, as a beginner make sure you have the guts to bet, because weak people who are afraid to bet big will not earn easy money. If you want to earn more winnings just bet with a strategy and most especially have fun. Don’t afraid to lose some money because in losing some will earn you more. There is what you called a beginners luck, and for sure that luck is for you.







5 Unusual Things and/or Surprising Events Casino Guards See/Witness

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5 Unusual Things and/or Surprising Events Casino Guards See/Witness

Every job has its own personnel cuts. Just like the specificity of glitz and glamour, Casino guard slots are not meant for whistleblowing or rent cops.

Apart from heavily guarding people, they live behind the camera to witnesses some of the following creepy acts:

Crime Filled Casino Grounds

As the parking lot swells, a real-time crime scene brews. Apart from the small disagreements, prostitution takes the major lead. Confirmed hookers create unthinkable memories when they convert the free zones into recreation grounds.

Even though they cannot intervene, they have to watch and catch the final act. Meaning, they make sure that the obscene business is not completed on the casino grounds. Some genius gamblers often sneak meth and weed into the rooms to make up a perfect scene for petty offenders. Of course, they have to handle corpses.

Drunken Casino Solicitors

Exclusive events see that the entire place is booked. At this point, casinos make sure that the guards are fresh to police guests. However, drinks take up much pleasure when some of the gamblers get stupid and loud. At times, they throw tantrums and harmful objects at the guards. Meaning, in a day they have to confront at least one errant individual.

More often, the only wish is to engage but that isn’t part of the caretaker role. Such circumstances call for deep levels of understanding to stomach insults. Later on, they will want to be treated like royalty despite the careless actions. Although occupants never care, some compromise the class of the casinos due to dubious hygiene mannerisms.

Casinos As Ripping Opportunities

Every casino harbors a dozen insane men. That is why guards stare at the genius thieves on the roulette. Suspicious looking gamblers create rings to steal from their fellow players at the wheel. Use of simple strategies like picking when the other players wait on is rampant in the casino.

Therefore, guards are conversant with tricks like shuffling chips to bet when you are well aware of the hand’s outcome. Gamblers do not keep their personal belongings at the wheel; most of them. Henceforth, most of them leave valuables behind. Careless assumptions keep them comfortable as they to lose track of time.

Conniving Online Slot Dealers

Sometimes, dealers move away from the players but adjacent to the guards to discuss with the hand players. Strategically, they come up with mechanisms to overpay the alleged winners by dumping. At the end of the day, dealers plow back the benefits.

Slight chances see the groups crawl the ground would to pan-handle players. Why should you sell out a service yet you want to keep the fruits for yourself? Before the daily activities kick off, they count the risk and net what they must attain from every wheel.

Life Changing Casino Events

On a normal day, they wake up to see the lives of people take different turns. What a job to witness people’s demeanor drop down in innocent faces because of a card! Guards witness thousands of people indulge in meaningless spending activities. With misguided illusions, they envision walking walk away with tones of wealth.

Luckily, big winnings guarantee tips. However, when they lose, everything goes down the drain. Whichever way, you have to give losers and winners compliments. Lastly, you get to see just how extravagant gamblers comb dollars to lay hands on everything they want.


Almost immediately, casino lovers deflate and slink off never to remember what they did or whatever happened. Although humorous Intimidation is served in equal slices casino guards have shaped up to embrace every situation.…