Every job has its own personnel cuts. Just like the specificity of glitz and glamour, Casino guard slots are not meant for whistleblowing or rent cops.

Apart from heavily guarding people, they live behind the camera to witnesses some of the following creepy acts:

Crime Filled Casino Grounds

As the parking lot swells, a real-time crime scene brews. Apart from the small disagreements, prostitution takes the major lead. Confirmed hookers create unthinkable memories when they convert the free zones into recreation grounds.

Even though they cannot intervene, they have to watch and catch the final act. Meaning, they make sure that the obscene business is not completed on the casino grounds. Some genius gamblers often sneak meth and weed into the rooms to make up a perfect scene for petty offenders. Of course, they have to handle corpses.

Drunken Casino Solicitors

Exclusive events see that the entire place is booked. At this point, casinos make sure that the guards are fresh to police guests. However, drinks take up much pleasure when some of the gamblers get stupid and loud. At times, they throw tantrums and harmful objects at the guards. Meaning, in a day they have to confront at least one errant individual.

More often, the only wish is to engage but that isn’t part of the caretaker role. Such circumstances call for deep levels of understanding to stomach insults. Later on, they will want to be treated like royalty despite the careless actions. Although occupants never care, some compromise the class of the casinos due to dubious hygiene mannerisms.

Casinos As Ripping Opportunities

Every casino harbors a dozen insane men. That is why guards stare at the genius thieves on the roulette. Suspicious looking gamblers create rings to steal from their fellow players at the wheel. Use of simple strategies like picking when the other players wait on is rampant in the casino.

Therefore, guards are conversant with tricks like shuffling chips to bet when you are well aware of the hand’s outcome. Gamblers do not keep their personal belongings at the wheel; most of them. Henceforth, most of them leave valuables behind. Careless assumptions keep them comfortable as they to lose track of time.

Conniving Online Slot Dealers

Sometimes, dealers move away from the players but adjacent to the guards to discuss with the hand players. Strategically, they come up with mechanisms to overpay the alleged winners by dumping. At the end of the day, dealers plow back the benefits.

Slight chances see the groups crawl the ground would to pan-handle players. Why should you sell out a service yet you want to keep the fruits for yourself? Before the daily activities kick off, they count the risk and net what they must attain from every wheel.

Life Changing Casino Events

On a normal day, they wake up to see the lives of people take different turns. What a job to witness people’s demeanor drop down in innocent faces because of a card! Guards witness thousands of people indulge in meaningless spending activities. With misguided illusions, they envision walking walk away with tones of wealth.

Luckily, big winnings guarantee tips. However, when they lose, everything goes down the drain. Whichever way, you have to give losers and winners compliments. Lastly, you get to see just how extravagant gamblers comb dollars to lay hands on everything they want.


Almost immediately, casino lovers deflate and slink off never to remember what they did or whatever happened. Although humorous Intimidation is served in equal slices casino guards have shaped up to embrace every situation.