Casinos are a eulogy to the lavishness and grandeur that reflects the lifestyle of men living in cities like Las Vegas. A visit to one of the Casinos in Las Vegas welcomes you to a different world filled in mysteries and wrapped in secrets that remain hidden. However, one cannot underestimate the role of these places in our society. They could either form the bedrock for escaping from our painful realities or become the prison we need to desperately escape from.

Casinos, betting, and online slots have become trademarks of our civilization. They stand as a reminder of man’s hunger and thirst for thrill, excitement and fun as he waits on that day Tyche (goddess of luck) kisses him with good luck.

Nevertheless, a Casino is a fortress of many secrets, cheat codes and maneuver. This has given rise to a lot of conspiracy theories as people try to understand what really happens behind the scenes.

In addition, several questions are left unanswered by many who do not really understand the inner workings of Casinos.

When some manage to win big, one question remains stuck in their minds: do casinos track my payout?


Most definitely, Casinos track all your payouts to the last dollar. Betting, Casinos and online slots are all business models and their major aim is to maximize their ability to make profits while cutting down on their loses. If you hit a jackpot, security at that casino will have to put you on the watch list and track your payout. They take a full review of your data on their database then they proceed to track every dime.


Casinos give so many reasons to justify tracking your payout. Chief amongst these reasons is that they want to be sure you are not cheating them. They run a review of your activities in the Casino and compare your data on their database. One to make sure you don’t have a history of cheating and two to vet your winnings.


Now that we know for certain that Casinos track our payouts, a question remains unanswered by us. How exactly do casinos track our payout?

Casinos track your payout by tracking the chip rack which they regularly keep counts on. They meet with the dealers and enquire on how much you walked into the table with, cross-check how much you walked out with and then compare with their chip rack which keeps these accurate records. — check out the beginner’s guide.

In some Casinos, the dealers just register your cards in and monitor everything on a monitor that stands close to them. In addition, most casinos employ a different strategy in tracking your payout. When you sit down, the person working at the pit will call out your figures as soon as the dealer hands your chip over to you. Then he can compare that figure with the amount he logged in earlier before you started playing.

Another technique involves people working at the pit and another girl who monitors your figures on a computer. They (pit guys) copy your card number and amount of your bets and pass it over to the girl. That way they can understand what you came in with and track your payouts.